Hostess Guide FAQ

How many people can I have at a painting party? Is there a minimum and maximum?

Our minimum for having a paint party is 5 people (including you the hostess) and the maximum is 30. Please keep in mind each person will have an easel and will need a surface to work on (such as a table, counter, etc.) roughly plan on having 2ft per person of space. I do have a few folding tables I can bring if need be, just let me know. If you want to have a larger party just ask and we can discuss it! I can currently accomadate 10-12 people in my studio at this time if you would like to use this space. Other hostesses have used their homes, heated garages, churches, work places or resturants/ bars.

How much does a paint party cost?

Depending on the type of private party you choose... I charge per person. The average (and most common) adult class costs $30/ person. As the hostess you receive the class for free when your party has 4 paying guests or more. The class fee includes one canvas for you to keep, acrylic paint, brushes, painting supplies, table cloths to protect surfaces, aprons, tabletop easels, music, and instruction.

How long does a class last?

A class should take roughly between 2 hours and 2 1/2 hours, unless it is a kid's class. Usually we will also take a short break to allow for the painting to dry between adding layers. While most of my paintings are easy to moderate, a few of my are more intense and will take longer, if this is the case it will be noted by the painting.

Can I serve food or alcohol?

This is entirely up to you! I suggest light snacks and drink options such as soda, wine, slushies, or beer depending on your guests and the event. I will not provide this.

How should I dress?

Aprons will be provided to help protect clothing, but I would not wear anything that would be ruined by a few spots of paint. We will be using acrylic paints which DO stain... so leave nice clothing and purses at home. Painting can be messy! Blue Ice Studio is not responsible for any paint damages.

How do my guests register and pay? Do they need to print their tickets?

Once we have confirmed your party details, I will send you a confirmation email. This email will contain a link with your party event page. Please share this link with your guests. Guests can pay and register for your party easily online by following the link. They can also find your party listed on my website's event page. You are encouraged to share the link via email, text, or by making a Facebook event page and inviting guests in this way! Feel free to include the studio and painting design if you choose to make an event page. Please ask your guests to register a week in advance. This allows me to ensure I have supplies on hand and gives me an accurate guest count. We sometime can accept last minute painters... please call me immediatly so I can do my best to accomadate them. Your guests do not need to print their tickets for private parties... I will have a list of names.

What if I have someone that wants to attend last minute? Can they pay at the party?

Great! Please call 320-441-8742 to confirm this with me as soon as you can. This will ensure that I can bring the right number of canvases and supplies. I highly encourage guests to RSVP and pay online at least 1 week before the party date, but I will do my best to accommodate last minute guests. Guests can pay with credit card, local check, or cash at the party, but again.... online payments are best!

What if a guest needs to cancel their RSVP? What is your cancellation policy?

I have a 48 hour cancellation policy. If a guest needs to cancel their reservation, the guest must email me at 48 hours before the party to receive a refund. I cannot refund money for guests who do not follow the cancellation policy due to the prepurchase of supplies and canvases. If a guest is unable to attend, they can instead transfer their ticket for the night to another person to attend in their place. Please let me know in advance. In the rare event that I need to cancel the party due to illness, bad weather, etc. I will let the hostess know as soon as I am able. This does not happen often, and I do make every attempt to make parties happen as planned! Money will be refunded to all guests or another party date will be planned.

Can you teach two paintings at one party?

Unfortunately, I am only able to teach one painting design per paint party. I want to ensure painters my full attention. If you wish to "do your own painting" design... I will do my best to help you and give you advice when I can!

Do I have to follow the painting being taught?

Absolutely not! Your painting is your own personal masterpiece! I will provide step by step directions and techniques to recreate the painting that you select for your party, but guests are encouraged to make it their own by adding creative and unique twists. Change the colors or the design... it is all up to you. I am there to offer advice and insight every step of the way. For the extremely brave.... create your own painting idea! It is all about having a great time!

How far will you travel?

Anywhere within 30 miles of the Willmar/ Raymond, MN area is included in your paint party costs. I am interested and excited to expand my business and to hold classes beyond that distance, but may need to charge a small mileage fee. Please contact me to discuss this.

What if I have my own painting design in mind for the party?

I would love to hear your ideas and custom design a painting for your party! Please email me any ideas or inspirations you have found. I have done custom paintings for many classes. At certain times of the year, I do get very busy. Please allow a month or more for custom painting designs.

How do I book you for a different kind of event?

I am very flexible... if a traditional paint party doesn't quite fit your event... please email me so we can discuss some ideas! I have done summer art classes for kids, craft shows, make & take projects, wine glass painting, and art demos.